Operations And Procedures Manual for Trans-Data On Board Weight Systems


The TRANS-DATA On-Board Weight System has been engineered and assembled to exacting standards. At the heart of this system are two well engineered products; the M2000 digital meter with custom Trans-Data programming and Trans-Data Load Beams.  The combination of these two unique products create an on-board weight system that is versatile, accurate, and easy to operate.  The M2000 meter meets State NTEP certifiable standards.  The fully programmable microprocessor of the M2000 meter gives the application flexibility required to match many various uses and operating conditions.  The M2000 meter is capable of individual channel programming and reading all channels, in both positive and negative loading as a group.  It has the sensitivity and ability to effectively manage each load beam individually, resulting in a stable total load reading.  The compact load beam design combines ISO 9000 quality, accuracy, and reliability.  Through the use of many varied mounting applications, the load beam can be applied to almost any suspension system or front load system in use today (to date, over 5,000 load beams manufactured). The average time required for a trained mechanic to install the basic system on a three-axle truck that has been jacked up and properly secured is approximately six to eight hours.