Operations And Procedures Manual for Trans-Data On Board Weight Systems

Field Operation of the On-Board Scale

  1. What is a Trans-Data On-Board Scale?
    It is an electronic instrument that measures the load applied to the axles by utilizing the return voltage signal from the load beams attached to the axle mounting brackets. When the axle is flexed, the voltage signal is sent back to the meter and through an A to D converter and then to the microprocessor board inside the meter which, then, sends the signal to the LED readout on the meter face.
  2. How is the Trans-Data On-Board Scale different from other on-board scales?
    It utilized a secondary method of measuring the load as opposed to a primary method. In a primary method, the total static and shock load of the body structure is transferred directly through the load cells mounted between the body structure and the truck frame. The secondary system senses the load by monitoring the flexing of the load carrying member. Trans-Data load beams monitor the steering axle, the drive axles, the trailer tube axles, or the front loader fork arms. There is no direct shock load or stress applied to the load beams themselves. 

M-2000 Meter with Key Pad Cover
& Swivel Mounting Bracket