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Trans-Data Weight Systems for the Trucking Industry | On Board Truck Weight Systems

Welcome to Trans-Data On-Board Weight Systems

 We stand behind our products and will do everything possible to ensure that your scale system has the accuracy, reliability and quality that Trans-Data Weight Systems are known for.

Trans-Data M-2000 Meter

Trans-Data M-2000 Meter for Trans-Data On-Board Scales & Weight Systems

The Trans-Data On-Board Weight System has been engineered to exacting standards. The M-2000 meter has two RS-232 ports for downloading scale data.

At the heart of this truck weight system are three products. This has allowed us to apply this system to a large range of diversified applications.



Trans-Data Load Tracker

                                         Introducing the Trans-Data Load Tracker; a fleet managTracker in handement system for vehicle tracking and reporting.  Combine this with a Trans-Data On-Board Scale and RECORD GROSS, TARE, NET OF INDIVIDUAL PICK UPS when installed on a Roll-off, Rear Loader or Front Loader (with or without adjustable forks, with or without a Curotto type can). Monitor one vehicle or your entire fleet in real time, from any PC, phone, pad or other device with Internet access using a secured password; no special software needed! In addition to reporting gross, tare, net of individual pick ups, record the date and time of pick up, customer/account name, address, location (lat, long), distance driven. Reports can also include engine monitoring. 


Trans-Data On-Board

Air Pressure Transducer

This product allows the M-2000 meter to be converted from our load beam mechanically controlled weighing system to an air pressure transducer controlled weighing system. ThisAir Pressure Transducer all-stainless transducer ensures reliability in extreme weather conditions.



  Trans-Data Thermal

Mini Printer

CP-130 Mini Printer

  Trans-Data Thermal Mini Printer captures multiple or individual transactions as furnished by one of two M-2000 meter RS-232 ports.

Compact size measures 4" x 5" x 3".




Portable Wheel Weighers

• Wide platform will accommodate dual tires easily and safely 

• M-2000 digital readout will automatically sum axle weights 

• Lightweight construction allows single person setup and operation

• LED display ensures high visibility in all conditions, including sub zeroWheel Weighers



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