Trans-Data M-2000 Meter

    • M-2000 Meter contains custom software designed for Trans-Data On-Board Systems.
    • Bin Systems and Roll-off Applications:  Weighs gross, tare, net of individual pick ups.
    • Axle Systems: Weighs total truck and individual axles.
    • Combination Axle/Bin Systems and Roll-off Applications: Weighs gross, tare, net of individual pick ups.  Weighs total truck and individual axles.
    • Information download capability through two RS-232 ports.
    • Easily programmable to support many custom ticket download options.
    • Interfaces with Trans-Data Load Tracker for fleet management, vehicle tracking and data recording.
    • Settable overweight warning capability. 
    • Graduations easily changed for pounds or tons or kilograms.
    • Ease of set-up and maintenance.
    • Specific application keypad instruction cover.
    • Two-way swivel mounting bracket gives driver ability to adjust meter for optimum viewing with ease.


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